Friday, June 17, 2016

Back On Line

It's been quite awhile since I had a regular blog again. I never thought I would start up another one and just stay with my poetry blog. But I find after the past few years I really missed keeping in touch with old blog friends and hope my friends would come for a visit and a cup of coffee or tea and visit for awhile. I don't promise to post every day just when I have something to share with you. My life has been filled with family around me especially my wonderful sisters and nieces. I also belong to a senior citizen group which meets once a month and take day trips to different places. We have one coming up on the 29th of this month for an Erie Canal Cruise on the Hudson. I will take photos and publish them here.

Here is some info on the cruise: For 90 minutes on board one of the Lil’ Diamond vessels, your United States Coast Guard licensed Captain entertains with tales of the canal: why it was known as Clinton’s ditch, how it was constructed, how it opened our western lands and help create the America we know today, how and why it was expanded and why it’s still important to upstate New York culture. We cruise in the beautiful Mohawk River and in a man made section known as a “land cut”. The tour passes through massive guard gates, the Historic Fort Herkimer Church, which is one of the oldest surviving churches in New York State. A common sight along the Plantation Island Wildlife Management Area are birds such as green and blue herons and the occasional bald eagle. The vessel then enters Lock 18 at Jacksonburg, one the last remaining locks operating with all original 100 year old equipment. Your Captain fully describes how the lock operates. The vessel enters the lock, the gates close behind and suddenly but smoothly the lock house seems to rise in the air as slimy walls creep up along the vessel while being lowered twenty feet. An experience not soon forgotten. The Captain has an “open pilot house” policy where passengers can come into the pilot house and visit (except when maneuvering around docks or locks). This provides you with great photo opportunities. The cruise is 90 minutes of history, entertainment, humor, calm cruising, and pure family fun!

The trip includes a bus ride there and back, a BBQ lunch and a land tour (I'm not sure where) Should be a fun and long day trip. Until the next time dear friends. Have a Blessed Day Ahead!


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    1. Ah, you found it! LOL.. I'm happy you did.

  2. Hi Toni! Oh great to see you back! You are inspiring me again! Here is my blog... Http:// The Erie CAnal cruise sounds great! That is something I will look into, we love doing things like that! enjoy!


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