Saturday, June 18, 2016

Back On Track

After losing 60 pounds the past two years, I have gotten a little lazy and put back 12 of the lost pounds. I haven't exercized in awhile because of my bad knees and legs, But I'm determined to lose that extra poundage and get back into an exercize routine that is low impact and gentle to my knees. So here I am trying out the Body Gym that Marie Osmond sells on QVC. Keep me in prayer that I'll continue with my plan. My grandchildren will be here for the first time in years (8 years for my granddaughter and 3 years for my grandson) in August and I want to look good for them.

Here's my grandson Dominic who is now 23 and my granddaughter Jessica, her hubby and my 4 great-grandsons. The oldest is 12 and the youngest is 2. This will be the first time I'll see her two youngest ones. I can't wait. I miss them so much.

Have a Blessed Day ahead.


  1. Hi Toni, so glad to see you blogging again. How exciting for you to see your grands in August. I guess I am spoiled because mine live so close. 60 pounds is a lot! I have gained some since Christmas and I need to lose a few again.

  2. Congrats on your weight loss! You will get the 12 pounds off again, it is hard when exercise is limited. How did you do it? I am watching too, but I also hurt my knee and have bursitis in my right hip. My dr said the knee is sprained and strained badly, but thank god no tears in the meni

  3. Sorry, no tears in the meniscus.

  4. You are in prayer for health and weight.
    Its wonderful to see family.
    Nice place you call home in the photo to the side.
    I still recall a photo you took of a church in your back area at twilight. It was one of the most beautiful compositions I have ever seen. Sometime I hope you publish that again.


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