Monday, August 1, 2016

A Play On Words

Words have always interested me, I guess that's why I like to put many together in rhyme. One of my favorite kinds are anagrams. I thought you might enjoy reading some I've found through the years.
(a word, or sentence formed by rearranging another word/sentence)

a decimal point = I’m a dot in place
A diet = I’d eat
A Gentleman = Elegant Man
a perfectionist = I often practice
A shoplifter = has to pilfer
A stitch in time saves nine = Is this meant as incentive?
A telephone girl = Repeating “Hello”
A telescope = To see place
Achievements = Nice, save them
Action man = cannot aim
animosity = is no amity
asteroid threats = disaster to earth
Astronomers = Moon starers or No more stars
Hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I enjoyed putting them here for you. Have a great day ahead my friends. Until next time be blessed.


  1. This is fabulous!! Happy Tuesday Toni! xoxo

  2. They fit so well. There is more to words than we realize I think.
    What a great post! Hope you're having a wonderful day Toni.
    Uh oh, here comes the next weather alert. Sick of rain!!!

  3. Hi Toni, I was working on my blog when you visited. Taking a break from wedding things for the moment. I will have lots of pictures when this is over. Pray for the couple as they are both sick! :(


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