Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Unconscious Mutterings #1

Here's another meme I follow called Unconscious Mutterings. I['ll be posting this once a week with different sayings to answer. It's fun and all you do is answer with the first thought come to mind for each question. Here is this week's questions. Usually one word answers will do.

I say ... and you think ...?

1. Electrical ~ Wires
2. Glasses ~ Only for reading
3. Comics ~ Peanuts
4. Satellite ~ Dish
5. Tonight ~ It's warm and humid
6. Sweater ~ Set
7. Clipboard ~ With Pen
8. Unglued ~ Let go
9. Plaid ~ Scarf
10. Upsetting ~ News

Now you try either on your own blog or answer here in comments.

I have a quiet week ahead with nothing planned. I'll probably spend time watching TV, writing poetry and reading besides every day household chores. Have a great day ahead my friends and until next time be blessed.


  1. Wires; Reading; Funnies; Outer space; Tomorrow; Winter; Notes; Upset; Skirt; Sad. - How did I do Toni?

    1. You did great as usual dear sister LOL!

  2. Oh, Toni. I remember when you did these before: So here goes -
    appliances: bifocals: funnies; dish; windy; cashmere; poll taker; freaked out; skirt; news.

  3. electrical outlet, water glasses, Archie comics, telstar satellite , tonight show,cardigan sweater,gym teacher clipboard,unglued crazy, plaid tartan, upsetting the apple cart.

  4. Hi Toni!! Happy September!!
    2. I need new ones. lol
    4. dish
    5. relax
    6. cozy
    7. paper
    8. falling apart
    9. skirt
    10. sad

  5. Such goes:
    1. Electrical ~ outlet
    2. Glasses ~ aggrevating
    3. Comics ~ laughter
    4. Satellite ~ Sputnik
    5. Tonight ~ supper's already done
    6. Sweater ~ warm
    7. Clipboard ~ notes
    8. Unglued ~ spastic
    9. Plaid ~ tartan
    10. Upsetting ~ tears

  6. Thank you dear ladies for joining in. Loved all your answers too. :)


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