Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday 4 Meme #2

It's time for another one of my Tuesday 4 Meme. Hope you join in and either answer here in a comment or copy and paste the questions to answer on your own blog.

If You Could Only You Would:

1.  If you could only choose any place on earth to live..you would?   Live here in New York.

2.  If you could only buy anything you ever wanted..you would?   I really don't crave anything special but if I had the money I would buy a nice small stone English Tudor cottage to live in.

3.  If you could only do whatever your heart desires..you would?   Make it a better world to live in.

4.  If you could only write a great novel about (any genre)...you would?   Probably write a great mystery novel with a real suprise ending.

I hope you join in and play along too. In the meantime dear friends have a blessed day ahead.


  1. I would want to live in Tennessee close enough to civilization but not peering into my neighbors yard. I'd buy one of those log cabin kits and have it erected by the most expert of people. A small one with a front and back porch and dry wall on the inside walls. I love the look of logs but not on every wall. Ah, dream on!

  2. Of course, I forgot to mention that the Tennessee location would be at the Smoky Mountains. :)

  3. I would live in Massachusetts, buy home renovations, bring some peace to the world since this is really dreaming and write a mystery like Hercule Poirot.

  4. I am where I want to be, near my family. If I had the money, I would buy a large house on a large property with a lake that all my family could stay in. Pray that there is a cure for cancer. I would write a Christian historical novel like First Light but Brock and Boede Thoene.


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