Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday 4 Meme #4

Time again for this week's Tuesday 4 Meme. I hope you enjoy doing this one along with me and answer in comments or copy and paste and answer on your own blog.

Statistically Speaking

1.  Does solitude help or hinder your creative pursuits?:   Definitely helps it as I create better when I'm left alone.

2.  What relative do you most resemble in personality?:   A mix of many as I am one of a kind *S*.

3.  List one good thing about being you:   My ability to not let life bother me no matter what it brings.

4.  What's the first thing you think about in the morning to get you going?:   Thanking The Lord for another day and His blessings. Then a cup of coffee to get me going as I'm an early morning person who's up before the sun.

For those who don't know blogger, It is possible to post blog entries ahead. I usually upload a week's postings at a time unless it's a special post of recent events. The reason why I'm explaining this is because this week I've been offline for I haven't been feeling up to par and I didn't want you thinking I ignored visiting you. Even now it's not easy adding this paragraph here. the arthritis and carpel pain in my hands make it hard to type. Hopefully I'll feel better soon. So, until next time dear friends have a blessed day ahead.


  1. I hope you are feeling better. I understand carpal tunnel. As a nurse, I wrote so many handwritten nurse's notes in my time that this is an issue for me. Thankfully, typing doesn't affect it unless I'm doing it for a long, extended time. I do sometimes create a post ahead of time and schedule it. Mostly, they come to me at the last minute. Have a blessed day. I enjoyed your Tuesday 4 Meme answers.

  2. Feel better soon, Toni. I know about arthritis for I have it also. Enjoyed your post today.
    1. I do things better alone also.
    2. I am told I'm more like my Mother, which is a great complement.
    3. I love my family!
    4. When I wake up in the morning, I thank God for keeping my family safe through the night, Reading my morning devotion and quiet time always gets me going.
    Have a good day.

  3. I hate arthritis. It is in my spine of course and is why I am disabled. Its in my hands, knees, shoulders. It makes you feel bad all over sometimes.
    I will pray about your health every day Toni. I know how that pain feels and no one should suffer with it.
    I find weather plays a huge part in how I feel (the barometric pressure).
    I hope you have a good day today.
    Hugs for you my friend.


I so look forward to your comment as I appreciate your visit here. Today and always, I am thankful for your warm welcome and for being a friend to me. I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you dear friends, my heart has no bottom.