Thursday, October 27, 2016

Remember When?

I remember very well childhood and teenage toys and games that bring back many memories. One I still play but only the digital version. Here are a list of five. How many of you played with any of them?

#1 ViewMaster: The original Viewmaster came out in 1939 and evolved through the 50’s when the “stereoscopic sightseeing” evolved in to more of a toy like the one you see here. It’s was the kind of thing that would really got your imagination going!

#2 Lock & Key Skates: I loved mine and once you got the hang of them, you could really move especially on the Bronx streets where I grew up. And how fun was it after you did? Enough that they made a song about it! Here’s how the first line went:
"I got a brand new pair of roller skates, You got a brand new key"....etc..

#3 Original Yahtzee: This classic, family-friendly dice game came out in the late 40’s, but didn’t see much action until 1956 when game developer Edwin Lowe began marketing it across the U.S. Milton Bradley purchased the game and rights to market it in 1973, which brought it in to modern times. I still play it today but on my laptop under the name of "Maxi Dice".

#4 Hula Hoop: Would you believe the Hula Hoop didn’t actually come out until 1958? Like most toys, this one went through different times in waves. It’s one of those things you can come back to again and again and still enjoy.

#5 Slinky: Genius! Slinkys were always cool, and a quintessential childhood toy and an icon of classic fun. With a theme song that sticks with you for life, Slinky has captivated kids with its ability to walk down stairs. Still being enjoyed today by kids and grownups alike.

Not much going on right now here with me and so I'll leave you with this quote,  "Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons". Have a day of blessings dear friends.


  1. Oh boy, do I remember those...I think my parents actually still have the Yahtzee game. Have a beautiful day, Toni, try to not let the weather get you down (speaking more for myself, LOLOL).

  2. Oh, Toni, how you have taken me back!! I loved my Viewmaster and was always totally captivated at the 3-D effect it had. I also had those skates. I could never seem to get them tight enough on my shoe but I loved them. I remember letting my Slinky "walk" down the stairs at my aunt and uncle's home. The hula hoop was not my forte and I never could get it to go around more than a couple times. We indeed had the best of toys, didn't we?

  3. I remember them all. I remember how much those skates hurt if they were too tight!! Sometimes you had to make 'em too tight for them to stay on. Loved the view master and Yahtzee. It was great fun going back in time and remembering these things!!

  4. I do remember each and every one of those...and played with them all. Happy memories from my childhood too!! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  5. I had everything except Yahtzee.
    I loved my view master! 💖
    A trip back in time, thanks Toni!

  6. I had every one of those! Loved my slinky. I could never get the hula hoop to work right. I blame it on being skinny as a kid and having no hips. Wish I could say that now, lol... LJ


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