Friday, November 11, 2016

Honoring Those Who Served

A special Friday Foto Friends #53 entry In honor of all those who served our country. God bless all Veterans on this special day who gave their all. The wounded, deceased and living. My heartfelt and deepest thanks.

The Homecoming

Watching nervously down the road
They stare and anxiously await
It's been a year and lonely time
Hoping the bus will not be late

The wife is dressed in Sunday best
The children shine from head to toe
Nothing coming yet, no bus in sight
And time to her seems moving slow

Then in the distance now they see
The bus is coming toward them all
No more waiting or lonely times
He stands before them proud and tall

His wife and children kept him going
From horrors he has seen that year
Now here they are lovingly before him
Their tears of joy and love so clear

The hero soldier has now come home
To wife and children home to stay
Much hugging, crying, laughter too
A lonely year of waiting gone away.

Toni Taddeo © ~ 4-8-2016

To my daughter who served in the Army, I wish a Happy Veteran's Day and to all veterans who served. The photo was taken in 1982.

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  1. What a lovely post, Toni. Happy Veterans day to your daughter and the many others. Have a lovely day friend.

  2. What an awesome tribute to our veterans and our country. Please thank your daughter for serving! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. What a wonderful poem for our veterans and your daughter. Please say thank you to your daughter and I thank all veterans. We currently have two nephews serving and I am so proud of them.

  4. I enjoyed the poem! A BIG thank you to your daughter for serving our country.

  5. My heartfelt thanks to your daughter for her service to our Country. The poem is wonderful.
    Have a nice weekend.

  6. wonderful poem and wonderful photo of your daughter. Happy Veterans Day to veterans and to you mothers who shared your children with the nation!

  7. Thank you to your daughter for her service to our country. Love the poem and pictures. May we always remember what it has cost our loved ones and friends to keep our country free, and never take those freedoms for granted.

  8. Toni, what a wonderful poem. Those videos of homecomings always bring tears to my eyes. Thank you to your daughter for her service. Have a blessed weekend.

  9. Hi Toni! I cut ties with Facebook. It was time for me to move on but I'm glad that you still blog so that I can still keep in touch with you.

    Thank you to your daughter for her service and what a beautiful poem!


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