Tuesday, December 6, 2016

An Hour, A Day, A Month, A Year

Here's this week's Tuesday 4 Meme. This meme will always have just 4 questions each week. I hope you enjoy doing this one along with me and you can always answer in comments or copy and paste and answer on your own blog.

An Hour, A Day, A Month, A Year

1.  How many hours a day do you watch TV?: After the normal housework chores I watch a few hours.

2.  How many days in a week do you cook at home?: Living alone I don't cook as much as I used to, maybe twice a week.

3. How many times a month do you go to the movies?: This time of year, never. In the summer usually once or twice a month.

4.  How many vacations do you take a year?: None. Usually 1 day trips with family in the summer. Mostly going to towns with little craft and coffee shops, family barbecues at my niece's and lunch out and drives with my sister Phyllis.


Tonight I'm going to my adorable great niece's first birthday party. Here is a photo my niece Joelene took of her when my sisters, me and two nieces went out to lunch this past Thursday at Applebees. I loved how cute she look with a "food face". We usually do that once in awhile having a Girl's Lunch out. You can click on the photo to see the full size.
That's about it for now, so my friends have a day of blessings.


  1. 1. Maybe a hour or so. I don't watch broadcast TV but DVDs instead. 2. I seldom eat out so most weeks it's every day. 3. I can't remember the last time I went to a theater. I wait until they come out on DVD. 4. Mine vacations are mostly day trips or perhaps a mini one like a long weekend. Have a good day, Toni! Fun to play along as usual.

  2. 1. I watch some news in the morning and at noon while I eat lunch. I may watch some in the evening, but I mostly read or write.
    2. I cook every day. We have 2 adult sons still at home (they work, but live here), and my husband, and my 93 yr. old mother in law is here every weekend Fri-Mon, so I do a LOT of cooking. The sons and hubby help with some cooking and cleanup as they can.
    3. I haven't been to a movie in the theater since The Titanic. Truly! We just don't go. I'd love to, but hubby just can't seem to see the reason to go...
    4. How many vacations? What's that? We haven't had a real vacation in years...we used to travel to Maine once a year to visit our son and his family, usually in October for our grandson's birthday, but since our son died from cancer in 2014 we haven't been back up. My grandson and his mother have come here instead so the whole family can see them. I keep hoping now that I'm retired we will take a real vacation, but we have my MIL every weekend....so someday...
    I love the pic of your darling great niece. She is adorable. What a lovely time to spend together!

  3. What a cutie pie she is!
    I will do this meme on my blog on Thursday morning.


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