Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The News

I hope you all had a blessed and happy Christmas celebrating the Lord's birthday with your loved ones. We get together on Christmas Eve and mine was spent with my son, daughter-in-love and my younger sister and her family. It was wonderful. Christmas Day was quiet as I spent it alone this year.
For today I thought I would post my Tuesday 4 Meme. My meme will always have just 4 questions each week. I hope you enjoy doing this one along with me and you can always answer in comments or copy and paste and answer on your own blog.

The News

1.   Do you read an actual print newspaper? If so, how often?: No, not much. TV news reporting in this day and age have become too secular for me.

2.   What is your main source of news?: Right now it's my laptop and cellphone.

3.   Do you believe that it's possible for the media to be unbiased?: Not anymore. Years ago they had to hide their opinions and feelings or it meant losing their jobs. Today the activist and non-activist media lets you know how they really feel.

4.   Who is/are your favorite TV News Reporter/s?: Don't really have any favorites anymore and usually only turn on the news when I'm in the mood. I learn more from Facebook as to what's going on in the world..LOL!

Today being my birthday, my two sisters and I will go out to lunch. I'm treated every year on my birthday and I always look forward to it and especially spending time with them. We are very close and I can't imagine my life without them. As different as we are personality wise we have always gotten along and never get angry with one another. I just can't get over how fast the years go by and how I age another year each December 27th. LOL!! The "middle" sister is on the left, the youngest is in the middle and I'm on the right and oldest of the three.

With all that said my friends, have a day of blessings.


  1. HaPPy BiRThDay!!! I hope you and your sisters have a lovely lunch today. My sister lives in Indiana and I'm in Georgia. We stay in touch by phone and email but I miss going places with her!

    1. I do not have your email address so I am responding to your comment on my post here. Thank you for visiting this a.m. Since I don't have children, my niece is very special to me. It has been a joy for her to share her home search with me. I think she will be very happy in her 1930's home. As a child, I can remember dad driving us around this historic neighborhood! God bless your day.

  2. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day out with your sisters!

  3. Happy Birthday! Thank you for letting us know that today is your birthday. How wonderful to be able to spend it with your sisters! Such a blessing. Today is also my paternal Grandmother's birthday! She would be 121 years old if she were still living! So today is a great day to be born! As far as your meme goes...we don't get the newspaper anymore. We watch Fox news as the others are terribly biased in our opinion. Many times we just turn it all off as we don't really enjoy the negativity of any news. I spend more time reading and on my computer here visiting with special friends like you! That's the best news place of all! Have a blessed day!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Toni! So nice to celebrate each year with sister. I glance at our local paper and sometimes will read it through but most of my news I get online. I don't think it is possible to get unbiased news now, especially on the mainline ones like CNN and FOX. Very sad. Have a wonderful New Year.

  5. 1. I never read a newspaper anymore, no need with tv and internet. 2. I watch the local news and Fox Cable News and fill in with the internet. 3. NO, it's never unbiased anymore, what happened? I don't want an opinion, I want the facts as it happened. 4. I've never thought about it...I guess I don't have a favorite. Always love your meme. Happy New Year.


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