Monday, January 23, 2017

Back In Time Again!

Here are two old meme quizzes I found on my flash drive and thought it would be fun to post them again. I always enjoyed memes. Too bad most of them aren't around anymore. Some of the answers to these two quizzes are the same from 2007 and today.

10 Best Games (5 board games, 5 card games)

Board Games
1.  Scrabble
2.  Monopoly
3.  Clue
4.  Chinese Checkers
5.  Parcheesi

Card Games
6.  Hand & Foot
7.  Phase 10
8.  500 Rummy
9.  Uno
10.  Quiddler

Unexpected Windfall

1.  If you were to get a unexpected windfall, what is your first thought on what to do with the money? Were you practical or not?:   Definitely practical. Pay off my charge card.
2.  You have $1000 to spend on yourself. What do you buy?:   A new 17 Inch touch screen laptop
3.  You have $1000 to spend on something for your home. What do you buy?:   A new 45-Inch Smart TV. ;)
I hope you try to do both of them. You can answer here in comments or copy and paste and do them on your blog. I'd love to see your answers. Until the next time dear friends, have a day of blessings.


  1. Good Morning Toni....we are under a winter storm warning here in western NY...calling for upwards of a foot!!!!

    Anyways, fun meme...I will do this on my blog tomorrow then. Have a beautiful day friend...back to classes for me.

  2. I can't comment on the first because I rarely play board games and never card games. I guess I'd have to say Monopoly and a card game called "Liverpool Rummy" that my grandparents taught me and we played it all the time. I'll answer the 'Windfall' one on my blog. Hope you are doing well.

  3. I love to play scrabble, when my grandson was staying with us after school, we would play scrabble. That was a long time ago but both of us love the memory of those wonderful afternoons. I don't play any of the card games listed, I play solitaire....all the time!!

  4. I love Scrabble...used to love Monopoly, but my hubby always wins, so I lost interest! Ha! We've played lots of UNO...always such fun. We prefer to play Rook with some of our old friends when we get together, and Euchre. My husband loves to make up games to play, and they are sometimes long as he doesn't change the rules. LOL. A windfall would be wonderful...I'd pay off our debts, house, and if anything is left, I would build a little guest cabin to minister to people who need a vacation. That's my dream.


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