Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Foto Friends #61

Knowing me with a big interest in the unusual things around the world that I find on the web, I thought I would begin the new year with this first Friday Foto friends and title it:

For the Love Of Ivy

Courtyard of the Plaza Athenee Paris, France

Ivy Overgrown House London

Juba Life New Zealand
Now as for me I would worry about how many creepy crawlies are nestled in all that Ivy. Yucky!!

If you're interested in joining the Friday Foto Friends you can visit Debbie by clicking on her name. Until next time dear friends have a lovely and blessed weekend.


  1. Oh how pretty....I have always wanted a house covered in ivy...although I am allergic to it, giggling. Have a beautiful day, Toni.

  2. I agree Toni. The one in Paris looks pretty and it looks like they keep it trimmed.

  3. lol...I bet there's a lot of creepy crawlies nesting in all that ivy. That first picture was really awesome, I like that they keep the ivy trimmed away from the windows!

  4. How beautiful, but I'd worry about the creepy crawlies too!

  5. That is amazing! Wow! I have ivy growing on the ground here, but thankfully not up on the house. don't think I want it there! Those are very interesting and pretty pictures!

  6. Oh, my goodness, I thought the same thing about that last photo. I can't imagine what kind of creepy crawlie is lurking in all that growth!!! Makes me kinda shiver!! LOL Thanks so much for sharing....HOPE you have a great weekend.

  7. These pictures are wonderful Toni. a lot of upkeep on some of them I guess. Ivy can tear a place up but it is so beautiful.
    Snowing here today again.
    Keep warm and have a lovely weekend my friend

  8. Even though it's pretty, you have to think that it can't be good for the side of the building!

  9. I think it's gorgeous! Maybe having a can of bug spray by the window would be appropriate :)

  10. That is very nice! In my language it is called: klim-op (the ivy) You can translate it a bit, I think. Klim-op is climb up.


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