Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Questions And Answers

Here it is Wednesday of the first week of January 2017 and with nothing much going on here in my little world I thought I would post two different memes for us to play along with. The first is Unconscious Mutterings and the second is my Tuesday 4 Meme.

I say ... and you think ...?
1. Farmer ~ Jones
2. Ambition ~ Life's
3. Dinner ~ For One
4. Blind ~ Spot
5. Privacy ~ Please
6. Listening ~ To Music
7. Portrait ~ Of Jennie (1940's Movie)
8. Flannel ~ Shirt
9. Responsibility ~ Claim It
10. Idea ~ Bright Thought
Daily Doings

1. Where do you usually eat lunch?: At home
2. How many hours a day do you watch TV?: Too many, especially in the winter months when I'm mostly apartment bound.
3. How often do you write letters?: You mean by hand???? LOL! Does E-mail count??
4. How often do you speak on the telephone?: Rarely as I'm not a phone person at all but my daughter calls me everyday (the phone is permanently attached to her ear).

Now you can try answering either one or both on your own blog or answer here in comments. And until next time dear friends, have a day of blessings ahead.


  1. I dislike the phone as well...and rather use email...giggling. Enjoyed your little meme...smiles. Have a beautiful day, Toni, the temps here in western NY are suppose to drop at a alarming rate starting today...It is winter, right? smiles

  2. I love to play along...Farmer Brown, Ambition-work, Dinner-eat, Blind Faith, Privacy-alone, Listening-to the wind blow, Portrait-picture, Flannel pajamas, Responsibility - grow up, Idea-light bulb. Now that was fun, moving on to the next meme....We usually go out for lunch, TV is always on but I'm not always watching it, Never been a letter writer, Don't talk on the phone much, don't have to with texting. I always enjoy playing your memes.

  3. 1. Farmer ~ Brown
    2. Ambition ~ Lacking
    3. Dinner ~ Out
    4. Blind ~ As a bat
    5. Privacy ~ Introvert
    6. Listening ~ My typing
    7. Portrait ~ Studio
    8. Flannel ~ Daddy (he wore flannel shirts)
    9. Responsibility ~ Take it
    10. Idea ~ Light bulb

    What fun!!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such sweet comments. I'm trying to do better at visiting in 2017!!


I so look forward to your comment as I appreciate your visit here. Today and always, I am thankful for your warm welcome and for being a friend to me. I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you dear friends, my heart has no bottom.