Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Some Of The World's Weirdest and Most Amazing Bridges

Those who know me know I'm always looking for some of nature's and man made different and strange objects and structures in our great big world. Here are five of them I found fascinating. Hope you find them the same too. Click on the photos to see full view. It;s better that way.

Circular Laguna Garzon Bridge, Uruguay (going 'round in circles on water yet!)

Japan’s Eshima Ohashi bridge (Oh my! Imagine going up and coming down..No Way!)

Lucky Knot Bridge China (love this one but I wouldn't walk it!)

Strade-Strane Italy (translation: The Strane Bridge, high up on a mountain)

The Dong Bridge China (talk about weird!! Reminds me of riding a roller coaster!)

I had a little fun with this one for sure.. LOL! And now with nothing else more exciting to talk about, I wish you all a lovely and blessed day ahead.


  1. AH...great minds...I was just reading this on the Weather Channel website, LOL. Have a beautiful day.

  2. Such interesting and unusual bridges! Wow!!! I can't imagine driving or even walking on some of those! Thank you for sharing them with us! Amazing architecture and engineering!

  3. Haha, that is funny. Never that Japanese bridge (photo 2) Brrr ...
    I love to share this weird Dutch bridge:

    1. Wow! That is some bridge Jedidja! I'm sorry I didn't see that one. Thank you for sharing my friend. :)


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