Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Artists Corner #5

Today I'm featuring a painting by Marcel Rieder (19 March 1862 – 30 March 1942) was a French painter. Rieder spent most of his life in Paris, but in 1927 he retired to Busseu near Fontainebleau. In later life, Rieder joked that he had gone over to a "impressionistic" painting style, due to fading eyesight and tremors in his hands. He died in Villiers-sous-Grez on 30 March 1942. This painting of his is titled,  "Songeuse devant la cheminée" roughly translated, "Dreaming in front of the fireplace" ©".  Beautiful isn't it!

Here is one of my own short poems I think goes well with it.

Sitting By The Fireplace

It's the beginning of another year
A season of ice cold days and snow.
A time of year with not much to do
Nor many places I truly care to go.

I rather stay indoors and keep warm
I'm not a lover of any winter sports.
Or anything to do with ice or snow
Nor do I care for long winter walks.

I rather relax in my easy chair
And sit by the fireplace and read.
With warmth and coffee in my hand
There's nothing more I really need.

{Toni Taddeo ©}

Hope you enjoy me presenting artists and their paintings here on my blog every so often, just let me know what you think. Until next time dear friends have a day of blessings.

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