Thursday, February 9, 2017

Today's Weather

Haven't seen this type of blizzard nor'easter in a couple of years. Along with the high winds and low temps I'm hybernating and hope electricity holds out. Here'a a poem I wrote I thought would work with the today's weather.

City In White

City streets laden down with snow,
Watching people covered from head to toe.
Those not used to this winter white,
Are hating the city's cold snowy sight.

Wishing they were home all safe and warm,
Instead of out in this terrible storm.
A change of season come soon oh please,
I need the warmth of a summer breeze.

How strange to see this city in white,
It makes for an unusual blustery sight.
A hot steamy drink would warm me now,
As I shovel and wait for the city plow.

Toni Taddeo © ~ 1-27-2011

Hope you all are safe and sound with better weather. Until the next time be blessed.


  1. Holy moly, that is what we looked like last night as the storm went through...what a difference just a 3 hour drive is, smiles. I love the poem. smiles...stay warm and stay put, we are...although the sun is out, but it is bitter cold.

  2. Stay safe. Looks like a doozy! The poem fits perfectly.

  3. Now that's a lot of snow. Looks like a perfect day to stay inside and read and sip a cup of Tea!


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