Monday, February 13, 2017

Winter In My Area This Past Week

Thought I would post winter photos from my area for you to look at as there isn't anything special going on right now with me. I really don't have much to write about and it's been a week of not wanting to do much either. Winter weather doesn't lift my spirit at all. Anyway hope you enjoy looking at them.

Taken Yesterday Morning During Our 2nd Snow Storm From My Livingroom Window

Also Taken Yesterday In The Afternoon From My Bedroom Window

Taken Last Thursday Of The Snow Storm Blizzard By A Neighbor

Also Taken Last Thursday Night Showing The Snow Moon By The Same Neighbor

I like looking at Winter scenes even thought I'm not a lover of the season or the snow and ice. As a child I loved it especially growing up in New York City, but as a grown up like a bear I hibernate in the winter. So my friends until next time have a day of blessings my friends.


  1. Yepppppppppppppppppppppp......woke up to the very same thing this morning here in western NY...and still going on....sigh....usually it doesn't bother me, but since I have to be out and about....sigh.

    Stay warm and safe indoors, Toni. smiles

  2. I visited your page from our mutual blog friend, Simply Linda. Your pictures are beautiful and look like something you would find on cards or calendars. I pray you have a nice day, in spite of the weather!
    Linda in Tennessee

  3. What lovely photos! I grew up in weather like that in upstate NY. I was soooo happy to see the spring thaw and ground again. Stay warm during your hibernation!

  4. That's a lot of snow!! It does make for some pretty pictures but it must be hard to navigate. I suppose most stay at home when it's like this???

  5. The snow makes pretty photos but I know it is so dangerous and frustrating. I wish you a lovely Valentine's Day.

  6. Here in Montreal we got a fair amount on Sunday and are due to get more tomorrow. However, my cousins in Nova Scotia got it far worse than we did here! Your photos are gorgeous, and I do love the winter. I just don't like the ice and extreme temperatures (including high heat and humidity).


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