Monday, March 20, 2017

First Day Of Spring

Sounds Of Spring

As the morning dawn fills my room with filtering light
And the sounds of spring fill my soul with delight
I hurriedly shower, dress and rush out the door
For I truly can not wait to see or miss much more

Of chirping birds building their nests all around
And butterfly wings fluttering, such a wondrous sound
The trees now budding with their green leaves so bright
And tiny blossoms and lilac blooms are a welcomed sight

The colorful daffodils and tulips stand proud and tall
Lined up along the winding path and my garden wall
The sound of children laughing ring throughout the air
And the soft warm spring breeze ripples through my hair

As I fill myself with sounds and fragrance of spring
The beauty of this season that only God can bring
Happily I thank Him as chirping birds fly on by
While the warmth of the sun filters down from the sky.

Poem By Toni Taddeo ©

Until the next time dear friends, be blessed.


  1. Happy first day of Spring, Toni. Have a blessed day!

  2. Hi Toni! Beautiful poem! Happy first day of Spring my dear friend. I have blogged a couple of times recently, trying to get back into it..again. lol xoxo

  3. You are such a gifted poet, Toni! Thank you for this lovely Springtime poem. Made me want to run outside and listen and watch all that God is doing around us!!! I hope spring is truly arriving in your "neck of the woods". I know you are ready!!! Have a blessed day my friend.

  4. Happy Spring Toni!!! I love your poem as always! Have a nice week.


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