Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wednesday's Poetry Day #3

Wednesday's Poetry Day #3

I wrote this poem from memories of my childhood. I remember being at a park with my parents and dancing round the Maypole with other children. I must have been very young for it's mostly a faded memory now.

Round The Maypole

Round and round under and over they go,
The little children with streamers in hand.
Hanging from the metal pole in the park,
With music playing from the local band.

Passing their parents holding little ones,
With others watching applauding them all.
Round the maypole they happily go,
Laughing, skipping, hoping not to fall.

So long ago I too danced around the pole
As a child with a streamer in my hand
Round and round, under and over I would go
While music played from the local park band.

Toni Taddeo &copy


Have any of you memories of dancing round the Maypole? Sad to say I haven't seen one in years myself only in old films and photos. Until the next time my friends, have a day of blessings.


  1. When I was a little kid we did in school...your right, they don't anymore. Have a beautiful day Toni, more rain here too...sigh.

  2. That's beautiful Toni! We haven't Maypoles here but I love to read your poem.

  3. Your poems always make me smile. Hope you have a great day!

  4. Ahi my friend! I do love your poems and insights! I do remember Maypoles when I was young! Too many great things have gone by the wayside! Loved the movie review, hubs and I will also be watching it!

  5. That first word was hi, not sure what happened there!

  6. Those are happy memories of childhood. We did that when I was a child in elementary school. I vaguely remember it, and wish it still happened in schools today. Those were simpler, sweeter times.

  7. Your daughter did a wonderful job capturing the beauty of the flowers


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