Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dreamers & Treasures

Again I'm featuring a painting of one of my favorite artists Mark Shasha. He is an American artist and also an author, illustrator and educator. His subjects are often familiar and are usually inspired by the textures and light found along the New England coast where he lives and works. This oil painting is simply titled, "Sea Of Dreams".

Here is one of my own beach poems I thought fit well with the subject.

Treasure By The Sea

As the warm sun covers the seashore
with its sweltering bright and hazy light
And all around above the flying seagulls
coo and dance together in lazy flight,

Watching, I sit upon my beach chair fanning
my face with both my sunburned hands.
And listen to the soft rushing sounds
of breaking waves sweeping over the sand.

"Mommy! over here" he called waving to me
"Hurry! come and see what I have found."
And as I walked over to where he stood
I could see a shining object on the ground

"Isn't this neat!" He said to me as I finally
reached the spot where my little boy stood.
And holding out the round object he waited
as I replied, "I'd like to hold it if I could."

"Sure you can Mommy, but only if you give it back,
cause this is my treasure to put in my sack"
I smiled as I shook the sand out of his crumpled hair,
and said, "you found it first and that's only fair."

And as we walked back to the spot where we stayed
I smiled and remembered when on a beach I had played,
as a child with my brother and where we too had found
a round shiny sand dollar sticking out of a sandy mound.

Toni Taddeo ©

That's all there is my friends. I leave you with this fitting quote by ~Pierce Harris~ "Memory is a child walking along a seashore. You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things"...   Until the next time dear friends be blessed.


  1. Beautiful, Toni...looks so real. Hope you have a beautiful day, another warm one here in western NY. Did you all get any of that smoke from the Poughkeepsie hospital fire? (was reading the paper this morning)

    1. No I'm too far north to get any of that smoke Linda. :)

  2. I remember you sharing this painting before (at least I think it was you). I absolutely love it. I've always loved paintings that capture that green tint to the waves. The poem does fit very well. You are so talented. Lovely, lovely post!

    1. Yes I did share this one a few years ago. We've been online friends quite awhile Melanie, haven't we. :)

  3. Makes me want to go to the beach!

  4. I love your poetry. You are truly gifted. I'm thinking about a trip to the beach soon. We only live an hour away, but never seem to get there. I think I'm in need of some sun and surf and sea shells by the seashore! Thank you for this lovely post!

  5. Your poem goes great with this painting. I enjoyed them both!!

  6. Your poems are always easy to relate to and fill me with memories. I always enjoy them a lot and as usual you find great pictures to go with them. I really enjoy these posts.
    I love your new header too. its just beautiful!


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