Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Foto Friends ~ Mark Shasha Painting

I thought for today's Friday Foto Friends I would feature a painting of one of my favorite artists Mark Shasha. He is an American artist and also an author, illustrator and educator. His subjects are often familiar and are usually inspired by the textures and light found along the New England coast where he lives and works. This is one of the oil paintings from his site titled fittingly, "A Day In June ©". Beautiful isn't it!

What I love most about his paintings is that they almost look like photographs. They are so realistic.
By the way, that's a water fountain statute in the left background for those who wondered.

If you're interested in joining the Friday Foto Friends you can visit Debbie by clicking on her name. Until next time dear friends have a lovely and blessed weekend.


  1. Very beautiful. I would love to be able to paint like that.
    I like how he portrays the woman.
    Hope your day with your family was a good one.

  2. That is indeed a lovely realistic...and a kind of ethereal quality that makes you want to step back in time and join them in the garden....beautiful!

  3. Oh looks so real...smiles. Have a beautiful day friend.

  4. Gorgeous! I would really enjoy having a copy of that print.

  5. Very beautiful and I was thinking the same thing, it looks like a photograph. Very talented artist.

  6. So beautiful. Does the painting have a meaning? I ask because of the lady "lurking" in the shadows under the shade tree. Thanks so much for sharing and being faithful to link up with FFF each week....HOPE you have a great weekend.


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