Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Foto Friends Train Tracks

Not having anything new to post I thought I would repost an early one. Anyone that knows me, knows my love for trains and seeing empty tracks at different times and seasons brings out the artist in me. There is something about those empty tracks that are beautiful besides being forlorn and lonely. I can almost hear the distant whistle and rumbling train coming down these lonely lines. Come take a trip with me to see the beauty in empty tracks with me. Tell me what you think when you see them.

The Fog and Tracks of Georgia

The Empty Track of Mt. Pocono, Penn.

The Rails and Rainbow of Nashville, Tenn.

The Sunset Tracks of Secret Pass, Nevada

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  1. I am a train lover Toni ever since I was a child. I had a Lionel Flyer train set. Not many girls did but I loved trains.
    I also love Mt. Pocono Pa and its sad to see the train station there. So many stations closed down now.
    Enjoyed this post a lot.
    Have a happy Friday!

  2. Oh I LOVE those pictures of the RR tracks! They do seem lonesome...but so much history and beauty and whispers of people passing by through the ages...very lovely...makes me want to write a story! Thank you for these memories from the past...

  3. Great pictures! I love trains too, one of my grandfathers was an engineer and the other worked in the rail yard.

  4. I love your the Rails and Rainbow. Very nice picture!

  5. I love the pictures, they are very calming when one looks at them! Great post!

  6. Great fotos...especially the sunset ones. Oh, how I love it when God displays His glory like that. Thanks so much for always being so faithful to share and link-up. I have a question? How did you lose your followers? I ask because I would like to delete mine and start over. I have over 700 and that happened many years ago. I would much it be only those who truly visit me. You can send me a personal e-mail at Thanks bunches!


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