Monday, June 19, 2017

Tai Chi For Me??

My apartment complex has started free Tai Chi lessons twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. My sister Louise who exercises and walks daily and moved here with her hubby in my building has signed up along with unsure me. LOL! I say unsure because I can't stand for long nor can I walk for long with my bad knees. But they supposedly am doing it for us "older" folks.. My body may be old but I have the mind of a 30 year old and think okay! I'll try it. I found two photos of seniors participating in classes. The first one is how I imagine most seniors taking the class.

Now this next photo is how I imagine the way I'll be participating. If so, I'm all for it.LOL!!

Photo Of The Day
I couldn't resist posting this one
How many of you have taken or are taking Tai Chi lessons and do you like it? Let me know by leaving a comment and I'll let you know how I make out in my next post. In the meantime dear friends have a blessed day ahead.


  1. Nope never taken any, but like you I have bone on bone knees and don't want surgery. I might could do the sitting down one.

  2. I've never tried it...not sure I want to...but good luck to you! I am sure it will be fun! You are very brave! Love your new blogsite!

  3. Nope, not here...I see where I will be going to school, they have Yoga classes...hmm...anyways, good luck. smiles.

  4. Cute! I go to the sport school on two times a week.

  5. Oh, I wish I had somebody to do exercises with...although, maybe exercising alone is best for me considering I have no coordination...LOL!!! HOPE this isn't too much for your health issues...and that it possibly even helps!

  6. I never did as well, but we are going to join YMCA with our silver sneakers. I hope this posts, my last comments disappeared into infinity! Lol

  7. I tired it before the spine became bionic. Now I can't twist or bend so that is out!
    It is nice. If you stick with it there are huge health benefits especially for arthritis. There are special forms for people with arthritis or knee issues etc.
    It is very big in China and everyone does it there from what I am told.
    I like the homey header very much.
    Have a lovely Monday Toni.

  8. Never tried it. Does chasing my puppy count as exercise? The one thing I miss from my old house is the stairs. It was my exercise. I really do need to go something. I think you will enjoy it. I just changed my blog design and added more pics. Love your new header!


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