Monday, July 24, 2017

A Most Unusual Tree

If you remember, a few years ago I posted an entry with some unusual trees from a park in California. While cruising the net I found another one I had seen a long time ago and posted on my old blog. This tree amazed me to no end, and so now I'm taking you to Florida's Animal Kingdom in Disney World where the majestic Tree of Life stands proudly as the icon of the Animal Kingdom Park.

From a distance, this imposing structure appears to be the real thing. As you draw closer, the amazing details come to life. An international team of artisans were brought together to design and implement the carving of nearly 400 animals in it's intricate framework. A major part of the illusion is the painting. With varying shades of browns and green used, you'll be tempted to reach out and touch it to make certain that it's not actually tree bark. Even when you're viewing it close up, the realism is striking. It's one of the most photographed structures in Disney World. Truly magnificent.

I now leave you with this quote by ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ~, "All theory, dear friend, is gray, but the golden tree of life springs ever green"...   Until next time, be blessed.


  1. You certainly had me fooled, smiles. Have a beautiful day friend...looks like thunderstorms are on the horizon here, smiles.

  2. I thought it was real!! WoW...great piece of art.

  3. "At an impressive 145 feet tall and 50 feet wide at its base, the Tree of Life is home to over 300 meticulously detailed animal carvings throughout its massive trunk, gnarling roots and outstretched branches—invoking the diversity, beauty and interconnected nature of earth's many creatures." Amazing! It is a "tree", not just a painting, right? According to this description I found online. I haven't been there, but I'd love to see it. Thank you for sharing this with us. Someday we will see the REAL tree of life!


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