Monday, July 31, 2017

Two Things To Think About

First: Guess what today is. Just in case you can't guess   (Well! Really! Ya think!)  here is a hint in a photo. LOL!   (This is what you do when you really have nothing to post about)...

Second: Words have always interested me, I guess that's why I like to put many together in rhyme. One of my favorite kinds are anagrams. Repeating an older post I thought you might enjoy reading some I've found through the years.

(a word, or sentence formed by rearranging another word/sentence)

a decimal point = I’m a dot in place
A diet = I’d eat
A Gentleman = Elegant Man
a perfectionist = I often practice
A shoplifter = has to pilfer
A stitch in time saves nine = Is this meant as incentive?
A telephone girl = Repeating “Hello”
A telescope = To see place
Achievements = Nice, save them
Action man = cannot aim
animosity = is no amity
asteroid threats = disaster to earth
Astronomers = Moon starers or No more stars


Happy Last Day Of July! That's it for now, until next time dear friends have a day of blessings. 💜


  1. wow! Those anagrams are great! I'd have to think a LONG time to come up with those, so i am quite impressed!! Have a Happy Avocado Day. I don't eat them, but I know they are good for you. Just never acquired the taste for them.

  2. Giggling...have a beautiful day friend...the nights are cooling off, but the days are back to being warm again.

  3. wouldn't let me comment for some reason until now!
    English is interesting in that words seem to mean what they mean in so many different ways.
    Happy First of August Toni!


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