Friday, August 11, 2017

Taking Time

Time off for me. See you in the Fall and until then dear friends, be blessed. I will still be on Facebook and Twitter often.

But Never Far Away

The time has come my dear friends to wish a fond farewell,
To stay away for two months or more I really couldn't tell,

I've thought about it long and hard, should I? yes or no?
Seeing how I find it hard to get online to visit you and so

My mind's made up but oh my friends you must surely see,
You made my blog a joy by spending time to visit with me.

And so until October when all Autumn's beauty is on display,
I'll spend the next few months offline but never far away.

Toni Taddeo ©


  1. See you on Twitter friend. Will miss the blog until then. Be well, hope your sister is doing much better now.

  2. We will miss you, Toni! I hope you are doing okay? How is your sister? Praying for her...and you! I do hope you will stay in touch on Facebook. Take care and have a good time away.

  3. My sister is doing better but still on medication. I'm taking it day to day myself. I will keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter. The rest of the summer will be quiet for me. Thank you all for your caring and prayers.

  4. I will miss you my friend! Please check in often!


I so look forward to your comment as I appreciate your visit here. Today and always, I am thankful for your warm welcome and for being a friend to me.