Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wednesday's Poetry Day Picnic By The Lake

Looking through photos on my laptop I found this photo of a family picnic taken in the Summer of 2015 at a picnic in Dutchman's Landing a park in Catskill and it reminded me of a poem I wrote since we don't really have family picnics anymore. Life and families have changed with work and family everyday goings on. That's me in the orange blouse, my son sitting on my right and my sister Louise across from me.

Picnic By The Lake

Alone I'm sitting near my blanket with a picnic basket close by,
And reminiscing of family outings by the lake and softly sigh.

Memories of happy summer days filling baskets at break of dawn,
Those days of family gatherings that now have long since gone.

Summer meant a picnic at a nearby lake on a warm and sunny day
Before the lush green grass and leaves on trees soon fade away.

As I sit here in my chair watching sailboats cruising on the lake
I daydream of past family picnic outings half asleep and yet awake.

Yes, those sweet memories of a long ago happy summer day
Lives on forever in my mind and hopefully never fades away.

Toni Taddeo ©

That's actually the Hudson River and the Rip Van Winkle Bridge in the background. The photo was taken with a cellphone and is a little blurry, I'm not sure who took the photo. Many of the younger family members went on a hike when the photo was taken. Until the next time my friends, have a day of blessings. 💜


  1. What memories you brought back with this poem! Thinking of my mother making sandwiches to take to the beach,the towels out of the closet, the umbrella and leaving early in the morning to beat the traffic.
    Then every holiday my dad made a picnic in the yard and everyone came for his hotdogs and my mother's potato salad.
    I miss that so much.
    Lovely post Toni.

  2. Love it!!! And I have to say, been there, lolol. Sigh, I really do miss that area. smiles

  3. Oh wow! What a wonderful picture and poem. Yes, reminds me of our family trips to the beach for the day...long long ago. This kind of makes me sad...families seem to be forgetting how special these times are. I've got to do something about this in my own family before it is too late!!


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