Thursday, July 7, 2016

Back In Time

Here are two old meme quizzes I found on my flash drive and thought it would be fun to post them again. I always enjoyed memes. Too bad most of them aren't around anymore. And no! I won't start one up again LOL! The answers to these two are also from 2007. I probably would have answered them almost the same today.
10 Best Games (5 board games, 5 card games)
Board Games

1.  Scrabble
2.  Monopoly
3.  Clue
4.  Chinese Checkers
5.  Parcheesi

Card Games

6.  Hand & Foot
7.  Phase 10
8.  Solitaire
9.  Uno
10.  Quiddler

Unexpected Windfall

1.  If you were to get a unexpected windfall, what is your first thought on what to do with the money? Were you practical or not?:   Definitely practical. Pay off my charge card.

2.  You have $1000 to spend on yourself. What do you buy?:   With $1000, a new touch screen HP laptop

3.  You have $1000 to spend on something for your home. What do you buy?:   With $1000, probably towards a new Samsung 55-Inch 1080p LED TV.

Have a great day ahead.

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