December 9, 2019

And Now For Monday

Last night knocked me out. Here it is 3am and I woke up at 2am after finally falling asleep at around 11pm last night. Pain killers are my helper now. Anyway, here's an Unconscious Mutterings meme for this week. It's fun and all you do is answer with the first thought that comes to your mind for each question. Usually one word answers will do, although I usually add more. Most of the time I answer tongue in cheek. :-)

I say ... and you think ...?
1.  Boarded ~ Up
2.  System ~ Failure
3.  Favor ~ Needed Please!
4.  Sphere ~ World Globe
5.  Priorities ~ Please!
6.  Chips ~ And Dips
7.  Lighting ~ Strikes Twice :)
8.  Hopes ~ And Dreams
9.  Standing ~ Tall
10.  Interest ~ Peaked

Now you try either on your own blog or answer here in comments.

That's all I can think of right now and so until next time dear family and friends, have a day of blessings ahead.

December 7, 2019

Number One On My Bucket List

Tomorrow I was given a special treat from my two great nieces Winter and Eva who found out that one of my things on my bucket list was to see a Broadway show of "THE NUTCRACKER' as I have never seen it on stage. They got in touch with their father a lawyer, who has the owner of Proctor's Theater in Schenectady as a client. The owner proceeded to send me 7 tickets to tomorrow's 2 pm showing along with a beautiful card and personal letter. My 2 sister's, 2 nieces and great nieces Winter and Eva will accompany me. I will be transported in a medical transport in my wheelchair and be seated right up front in the handicap section with my family all around me. I am so thrilled and excited to go.

Making its annual return to the Main Stage is everyone’s favorite holiday ballet. Enter a world of Christmas dreams to the joyous music of Tchaikovsky in this annual year-end favorite. Join the Sugar Plum Fairy, the heroic Nutcracker Prince and the evil Rat King in this whimsical celebration of the season.
 Joining the 2019 Northeast Ballet production are New York City Ballet principal dancers: Lauren Lovette and Taylor Stanley. 
here is the latest video from their website that you must see.

Until the next time dear family and friends, I wish you many blessings.