Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Foto Friends #40

It's been a whirl week for me spending time with my family. Mostly my 23 year old grandson and as promised here are three of my photos for this week's Friday Foto Friends.

My Grandson, Granddaughter  ( Brother & Sister)  and Me.

My Grandson, Me And My Son

Treated Out To Dinner By And With My Grandson.

If you're interested in joining the Friday Foto Friends you can visit Debbie by clicking on her name. Until next time dear friends have a lovely weekend.


  1. Sweet photos of your family! I'm glad you had such a nice visit with them. Have a good weekend.

  2. How nice to have visits from your grandchildren and great grandchildren. It looks like you are having a wonderful time with them too. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for dropping by and leaving a lovely comment.

    1. p.s.I'm trying to follow your blog but for some reason "it" won't let me. I will try again later.

  3. Gorgeous family.
    Oh Toni, I love that smile on your face in the last photo.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  4. Awww, sweet! they are all beautiful, just like you and how wonderful for them to come visit you! Love it.

  5. Grandchildren are awesome, they help keep us 'oldies' young!!

  6. What a special time you special. There's NOTHING in the world like our grandchildren. Ms. Mary did her post about hers, too. I would share pics of ours, but my son-in-law won't allow. :( Hurts my heart that I can't brag on them like some of you other Grandma's do....but I understand. Two of ours are adopted and he tries to protect them as much as he can. Thanks for sharing your pics today at FFF....HOPE you have a great weekend.

  7. Oh Toni!!! I bet you had so much fun with all of them! You looks so happy in these pictures, I just love them.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Hi Toni, love the photos!! I am so glad you had time with them. Enjoy your weekend. xo


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