Saturday, August 6, 2016

Remember My Movie Reviews?

When I had my old websites and blogs I used to review movies every so often. I was told by most of my online friends at that time that they looked forward to reading them. So I thought it would be fun to review the movie I went to see this past Thursday afternoon with my two sisters and brother-in-law. So here goes...

Jason Bourne Matt Damon returns as Jason Bourne. This fourth installment brings back the thrill, intensity, action, and amazing story lines that were used in the original trilogy. The cast alongside Damon were excellent. Tommy Lee Jones was perfect for the role of the CIA director. Alicia Vikander was good as the new breed of schemer within the CIA. She offers an empowering performance as a strong, driven and intelligent female adversary. Vincent Cassel is the asset for the CIA who wants to kill Bourne. Julia Stiles is back to play a short but important role in helping Bourne discover the truths of his past. Jason Bourne is an exciting, intriguing, edge of the seat espionage thriller that is a return to the franchise's form. With a mix of new and old characters to carry the torch, it does not disappoint and becomes another successor to an ever growing series.

After the movie we went to our favorite coffee cafe for coffee and of course a goodie to go with it. My sister Louise is on the left, her hubby Bob is on the right and my sister Phyllis is in the middle. A movie, a coffee and lots of laughs and chatting made for the perfect day. That's it for now, until the next time dear friends be blessed.


  1. I love spy movies and the Bourne films are some of the best. I'll be seeing the new one as I've seen all the others and enjoyed them. Thanks for the review. It sounds like you enjoyed yourself immensely.

  2. We love that series of movies, just not the actor, LOL. Thanks for the review and have a beautiful weekend. smiles

  3. I remember those movie reviews. I've never seen a Jason Bourne movie. Just not my favorite genre, I guess. Movies are even better when shared with family! Have a great weekend.

  4. You hit it all right on the head. Great review - and I love the way you put those 3 pictures together! I think the other Bourne movies are going to be on TV this weekend - but not sure what channel or time!! If you find out, let me know I'd like to see them again.

  5. Great review. I will have to see this one!
    I enjoy the Bourne series but have only seen 2 so far.


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