Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday 4 Meme

I thought it was time to bring back my Tuesday 4 Meme since I had a very quiet holiday weekend spent doing much of nothing and didn't have much to write home about. So at least on Tuesdays I will post my own meme. You can copy the questions to place on your own blog or answer them here in comments. Each week will be only 4 questions. Here's the 1st set.

Labor Day Celebration Preferences:

1.  Lounging by the Pool or Picnic by the Lake?   For me it's picnic by the lake as I don't swim the pool wouldn't be a choice.

2.  Holiday Shopping or Day at the Beach?   I hate shopping and only do so online but I do like sitting by the shore listening to the waves.

3.  Barbeque Cookout or Favorite Restaurant?   Both. I'll go either depending on the gang I hang around with. Gang a.k.a. Family ;-}

4.  Flea Market or Football Game?   Flea Market I love watching other people get rid of items as they may turn out to be treasures for me. As for the Football game, I watch it on my TV and be comfortable doing so.

I'm a big fan of memes as anybody who knows me would agree and I hope you join in and play along too. In the meantime dear friends have a blessed day ahead.


  1. Yay, Toni! So glad to see this back. I used to love doing these. Have a great day.

  2. Pool with family!
    Day at the beach with family.
    either restaurant or bbq.
    football game I think.
    I enjoy these memes.


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