Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday Foto Friends #55

Hope your Thanksgiving was a blessed one. Mine was filled with loving family and lots of good food. Being it's Friday I thought I would post a photo taken on November 20th when a lot of the northeast experienced snow. But not in my part of the valley. It was all around us. The photo was taken just down the road at a local horse farm with a view of the Catskill Mountains where there was plenty of snow. Conrad Hanson a neighbor in our town who snapped the photo did a great job, as it almost looks like a painting. Please note it's copyrighted.

If you're interested in joining the Friday Foto Friends you can visit Debbie by clicking on her name. Until next time dear friends have a lovely and blessed weekend.


  1. That photo is just amazing! It sure puts my blurry CHRISTmas tree picture to shame! Snow already? We've had some colder temps, but yesterday was just an amazingly beautiful day. Our grand-kiddos played outside in the afternoon and it was really warm! I'm ready to see some snow, though! HOPE you had a wonderful THANKSgiving....thank you SO much for being so faithful to link up! Happy Friday!

  2. Wow. That picture is absolutely beautiful!

  3. Your photo is very special. Love the white mountains.

  4. That is an amazing photo of the snow on the mountains! Really beautiful!! I hope you have had a blessed Thanksgiving and now are ready for the next phase of excitement, getting ready for Christmas! I'm still resting from yesterday... Love your picture. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Fantastic view! How great to be that close to such a wonderful scene.


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