Wednesday, November 30, 2016

To Decorate Or Not...

There are times each year I basically have to talk myself into decorating for Christmas. Living alone and always invited over family members for the holiday I sometimes feel like it's a lot of work especially since I can't move around like I used to. But then comes a day in late November or the first week of December seeing Christmas lights and homes decorated by others, I will suddenly get back in the mood to decorate. Do you ever feel that way?
Here are photos of my 4 ft. tree and Nativity I took at 10:00 AM this morning after decorating at 4:00 AM. The photos were taken with my cellphone which I wasn't happy with but I thought I'd post them anyway. The Nativity figures are 8 inches tall. You can click on them if you care to see them full view
I usually post my poems on my poetry site but decided to add one here.

Trimming The Tree

It's that time again
Time to trim the tree
Boxes of many decorations
Means a lot of work for me

Tree is up with colored lights
Ready for the decorations
Make it pretty and inviting
For my friends and relations

And to celebrate Christ's birth
Beneath the tree the nativity
With angels hanging high above
The season's reason for you see

Light the candles in the window
Hang a wreath upon the door
Then stand back and look around
As the lights and candles glow

Now work is done and boxes empty
Put away until the new year
Just sit back and relax
Enjoy a glass of eggnog cheer

Toni Taddeo © ~ 11-4-2015

Well dear friends, until next time, have a day of blessings.


  1. Beautiful Toni...and I love your new look here on the blog too. Yes, we go through that as husband is the biggest kid around, smiles.

    Have a lovely day friend, looks like rain here in western NY is on tap for the day.

  2. I need motivation most days lately. Your tree and Nativity are so pretty.

  3. Very nice Toni. I'll be there to see in on Monday.

  4. So happy you put up the little tree and the nativity. They will bring you joy all season long! Merry Christmas!!

  5. I love Christmas and I decorate the whole house! My hubby put the tree up, I do the rest. My grandkids love it and I want to make happy memories for them to. I changed over my blog. Hope you can visit. Hugs

  6. Toni, I have felt the same way in the past. I always do end up decorating and I'm glad I do. This year I was excited and eager to do it. I even decorate Mom's room although she really doesn't notice or care any longer. I love your pretty tree and the nativity scene underneath.

  7. I think everyone goes through that when it comes to decorating or changing things around for the seasons, but the results are well worth it even just to be part of things with everyone else.
    It all looks gorgeous Toni!
    I have watched the war on Christmas, which I think is very real, amp up its volume in the past few years. I would decorate just to combat that if no other reason.
    And now your blog neighbors got to enjoy your tree and manger scene and read your lovely poem.


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