Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday 4 Meme #10 Plus!

Here's this week's Tuesday 4 Meme. This meme will always have just 4 questions each week. I hope you enjoy doing this one along with me and you can always answer in comments or copy and paste and answer on your own blog.

My Personal Preferences

1.  Quiet evening at home or Out on the town?: Quiet evening at home most of the time but when I have the chance or ways and means, I enjoy being out on the town. To me "out on the town" means going out to dinner, seeing a movie, or anywhere away from home.

2.  Watch a movie or read a good book?: Both, depending on my mood and sometimes both at the same time. I average 1-2 books a week and many more in the movie category.

3.  Order a meal or cooking one yourself?: Again, depending on my mood I like either. I like to cook and I like to "be served" my dinner in a good restaurant.

4.  Going for a walk or taking a ride in the car?: When I was able to, I loved to go for long walks and hikes, today out of necessity and bad knees it would be a ride in the car driven by others as I don't drive anymore because of my bad knees.

NOTE:  Painting by William Kay Blacklock (1872-1922) British Painter. titled "A Quiet Read".

Early this morning I happened to look out my bedroom window and spotted the super moon through the clouds and haze. Grabbed my cellphone and got this photo. Not the best but at least I saw the moon big and bright. Did I mention I'm not crazy about cellphone photos? LOL!
That's all she wrote :) Until the next time dear friends, have a day of blessings.


  1. The moon shot is incredible. I haven't seen much of anything beyond my four walls due to illness. Thank you for a beautiful "cell phone" photo.
    Ohhh.. I to read, right now most of my reading is The Bible, devotionally, and commentaries for study to complete my Master's Thesis.
    A great movie - Hacksaw Ridge.
    Enjoy your day.
    My health is improving, Praise The Lord!

    1. How wonderful to see my sister here on my blog! Thank The Lord that you are improving and getting well. Prayers have been answered. Love you. Hope to see by Monday if all is well.


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