Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Just Name One ~ Tuesday 4 Meme

I thought I would spring another one of my Tuesday 4 Meme. Hope you join in and either answer here in a comment or copy and paste the questions to answer on your own blog.
Just Name One:

1.  Thing You're Afraid To Do?   Hmmmm... There are a few things like being able to swim which I don't, fly a jet or race in the Indy 500.  (Can you just picture it!! HaHa!).

2.  Thing Scientists Need To Invent?   Many diseases but to name one, I think a real cure for the common cold  (just think of the money It would save in tissues alone).

3.  Thing That Would Make You Very Happy?   It would be wonderful if I could walk a mile and hike the park trails again. Also it would be great if I could drive and have my own car again.

4.  Thing About This Past Valentine's Day That Was Special To You?   Nothing unless a box of Whitman's Chocolate Covered Creams would have magically appeared.. :)!

Seems I just couldn't name one thing for each answer, it wasn't easy. Think you could name just one thing for each question? Try it.

Photo Of The Day

That's it for now and In the meantime dear friends have a blessed day ahead.

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