Sunday, February 19, 2017

More Sunday Unconscious Mutterings From Me

Here's this week's Unconscious Mutterings meme. I really enjoy doing this meme and this one had me really thinking. It's fun and all you do is answer with the first thought that comes to your mind for each question. Usually one word answers will do. Most of the time I answer tongue in cheek. :-)

I say ... and you think ...?

1. Haunting ~ Bad Memories
2. Mattress ~ Sealy, Simmons, Serta, etc..
3. Speculate ~ Ponder
4. Climb ~ Every Mountain
5. Diana ~ Memories of Neil Sadaka
6. Runner ~ Escaping
7. Grim ~ Reaper
9. Nightmare ~ Alley (old movie)
10. Chrome ~ My Favorite Web Provider

Now hopefully you'll try either on your own blog or answer here in comments.

It's been a very quiet two weeks here for me thanks to the weather. I've spent it hybernating LOL! Hopefully Spring will pop up in time. Until the next time dear friends, have a day of blessings.


  1. Enjoyed reading your answers. As usual, when I think of my answers I remember yours and it's all over! How easily I am lead astray. Have a great Sunday.

  2. scary,lumpy,wonder,stairs,princess,olympics,sad,sleepless,metal.


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