Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sleeping Through The Night

Sleeping Through The Night

It's the middle of night
Yet my mind is wide awake
And the ticking of the clock
Is more than I can take.

Trying hard to close my eyes
In this middle of the night
As the brightness of the moon
Filters my room with glowing light.

Knowing sleep will never come
I'm so tired yet wide awake
And the ticking of that clock
Is way more than I can take.

Sleeping through the night
Has never been or yet to be
No matter what and how I try
A night of sleep is not for me.

Toni Taddeo ©

Sorry I haven't been around to visit in case you haven't noticed, no illness involved just a tired laziness that I can't seem to shake off. I'm praying it doesn't last long and I'll get back to my old self. I thank you for still taking the time to visit here anyway. That's about it for now and until next time dear friends have a day of blessings.


  1. Its the darn weather...and I apologize for saying a bad word...smiles.

  2. I find that I sleep a lot better down here. I think it's because my bedroom is dark and much quieter than at home. xo

  3. I have those nights also. I like the saying "when at night you can't sleep, talk to the Shepard instead of counting sheep!

  4. Praying that tonight you will sleep like a baby!!!May the Lord give you peace and rest. Good night my friend.

  5. Oh, I completely understand... you could have written that about me, too.... sleep eludes me. Hope that gets better for you and you'll start resting. Happy Thursday!

  6. Hi Toni, I usually sleep pretty well. I added pictures of my Minnie theme Tea table. Need to add Disney family day next. Hugs


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