Monday, April 17, 2017

Beauty In The Sky

After a perfect Easter Sunday with family yesterday, we had an early evening rain storm while at my niece and nephew Christa and Matt's home that came with wind that knocked out their electricity. It was fast and furious. My sister Phyllis and I left around 7:00 PM and on the way home after the storm we witnessed this beauty on the sky. I have never seen such a big full rainbow like this. Phyllis stopped the car in the driveway to my apartment complex  (you can see where I live in the last photo),  and I snapped these.

Pictures don't do this beauty justice. It was breathtaking to see. I love this kind of stuff. Hope you enjoyed seeing it too. Until next time be blessed my friends.


  1. Beautiful....yep, it did that here too, in western NY, husband said that we had another torrential downpour last night---well...I wouldn't know, my head hit the pillow at 9 pm and I was out, lol.

    Have a lovely day, Toni.

  2. That was gorgeous. What a perfect way to end a glorious Easter day, with the rainbow of God's promise to us once again! Praise God!!!

  3. Good morning Toni! What beautiful pictures! What a wonderful Easter gift from the Lord! Hugs!

  4. Toni, very nice. I enjoy your photos!


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