Sunday, April 30, 2017

Nature's Color Palate

From my favorite traveler  (a.k.a. daughter) in the state of Florida, mainly around DeBary and Jacksonville, I present their prettiest color palate snapped by the cellphone of Elena. It's amazing how many beautiful blossoms she photographs.

I've been down with a little stomach virus and not enjoying much of the beautiful weather we've been having lately here in upstate New York. So I haven't accomplished much at all. Hopefully by tomorrow, I'll be able to get out more. So until next time dear friends be blessed.


  1. Beautiful pictures from my home state!! I do hope you are feeling better today. Praying for you to get well and be able to get out and enjoy the beauty surrounding YOU! Have a blessed Sunday.

  2. So pretty, it's makes me feel good to just look at them. Hope you're having a blessed SonDay!


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