Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Beauty In White

My sister Phyllis' white azaleas in the front of her house are so beautiful I just had to post them for all to see. Phyllis took the photo with her cellphone.

Thought For The Day

Nothing planned for the next few days. I will post if anything does turn up. So until next time dear friends and family, be blessed.


  1. O, what a beauty! Love it.

  2. Oh how pretty, Toni...smiles. Have a lovely day friend.

  3. Those are really pretty!!! Thank you for sharing them with us! I don't see white azaleas very often...they are really beautiful! Have a blessed day!!

  4. They are beautiful! Great shot with a phone!

  5. I read this post then someone came to the door and I forgot to comment. Azaleas are lovely.
    Its amazing what good photos phones can take.


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