Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tribute to my Mom

I thought I would repeat Annie's Meme list of questions she had on her blog last year as part of a tribute to my Mom who is with Our Lord. I miss her more and more each day.

1. She is sitting in front of the TV, what is she watching?  She likes watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy and other shows.
2. What dressing does she eat?  Her favorite was blue cheese
3. Name a food she hates That I can't answer for I never saw her not eat anything that was in front of her. My mom was an excellent cook.
4. You go out to eat and have a drink, what would she have to drink?  A glass of wine.
5. Favorite music to listen to?  She enjoyed Italian music.
6. What is her nickname for you?  My Italian mother never used nicknames for me.
7. What is something she collects?  She wasn't a collector.
8. Where is her favorite place to visit?  I would think Italy where her sister and sister's family lived. Although she loved to travel and went many places with her late Canadian cousin.
9. What is her favorite breakfast?  Not sure, she ate whatever she made.
10. What would she never wear?  Makeup. She would only use lipstick when going out. My mom had perfect young looking skin.
11. What is her favorite sports Team? I think like me she liked the NY Yankees
12. What is something that you do that she wishes you didn't do?  LOL!! Too many to name but she loved me anyway.
13. What's her favorite animal?  Her cat Buttercup who passed a couple of years after she did.
14. What could she spend all day doing?  Working in her garden and walking before her illness.


My Mom Who Walked In Beauty

The saying goes, "She walks in beauty"
Her smile and kindness never ending
A mom now gone, did that for all to see
And oh her faith was never bending.

The perfect wife and mother was she
Her strong example shown each day
The love she held in her heart so special
To all of her 5 children in every way.

Now looking down and still protecting
Her son and daughters here on earth
With prayer and open arms she holds
Just as she did from their early birth.

Oh yes, my mom who walked in beauty
Her smile and kindness never ending
A mom now gone, did that for all to see
And oh her faith was never bending.

Toni Taddeo ©
Happy Mother's Day To all You Moms out there. Hope your day is full of love, joy, blessings and family. I will be spending the day with part of mine.


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your precious mother! She looks like a wonderful person...had to be, since she raised you so well!! Thank you for sharing this with us. (((hugs))) and love to you on Mother's Day!

  2. Beautiful as usual Toni. Actually, she was a collector. She collected stamps, coins, shells and buttons. The coins and stamps she eventually gave to David. The shells and buttons I sold at a yard sale.

    1. I never realized that or didn't remember. Thanks for letting me know dear sister. Love you.

  3. Your tribute made me teary eyed! A beautiful tribute, Toni. How we miss our mom's when they are gone!! Have a blessed day.

  4. what a great tribute to your mother.
    Happy MOther's day dear friend

  5. Happy Mother's Day Toni! Wonderful tribute to your Mom!

  6. Belated Mother's day Toni! I enjoyed the poem too. I just posted a bunch of pictures at my blog. Have a great week!


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