Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday's Poetry Day #6

Years ago living in a Cape Cod type house we had many treasures stored in the attic. Many things saved of my children, their father and myself. Remembering this I wrote a poem not really of my memories but memories of many others who stored treasures in their the attic.

Treasures In The Attic

What treasures can I find today
As I rummage in the attic up above
What treasures will I find today
Many saved and definitely loved

In the far corner stands a mirror
The black stained glass cannot hide
The image in the background of
A faded gown of a long ago bride

On the side I turn to see before me
The wooden sailboat on the stand
A wonderful hand crafted sailboat
Surely made by an artistic hand

My eyes wander to the corner wall
There an old tattered trunk I see
Filled with loving memories of old
Children's clothes folded carefully

Oh what treasures I have found today
While I rummaged through the place
Oh so many memories of days long ago
A tattered trunk and faded gown of lace.

Toni Taddeo ©


The painting is by John O'Brien (June 2, 1951- October 24, 2004). He created a unique style, which has become known as "contemporary romantic realism. Click on his name to visit his site.

Just a reminder: I lost all my followers. Pretty please dear friends follow my blog again. With that said I hope you enjoyed rummaging through the attic with me. Until the next time my friends, have a day of blessings.


  1. Good morning Toni! What a wonderful poem, and picture to match! I think the attics were such a treasure! We don't have one in our house. Have a great Wed essay!

    1. Thank you Kathy. You have a blessed day too my friend.

  2. Oops, I forgot all about the Follow button, sorry about that, smiles. I think I mentioned this before, but I do love real/stilllifes. Have a great day, friend.

    1. I too like still life paintings too Linda. It's been years since I painted one. Thank you for the "follow" my friend.

  3. Oh, I love this little poem and the visions it conjures up for me. And that painting is priceless! Wouldn't we love to be that little girl, playing dress up in the attic? How I would love to go back and explore such a place as a little girl. Such marvelous treasures to be found. Thank you for sharing your amazing poetry with us. This really blessed me today. Feeling nostalgic for my parents' home...which was a lot like rummaging through an many collections and memories stored there. Thank you.

    1. As soon as I saw that painting I knew it was a perfect match for my poem. Thank you so much for your kind words dear Pamela. It's truly appreciated.

  4. Old attics full of treasures has always fascinated me! Love your poem.

    1. Thank you so much Mary. It's truly appreciated. I would love to be able to rummage through an attic again.

  5. Wonderful Toni! You captured the attic adventure perfectly with your words.
    I use to spend all day rummaging through my parents attic.

    1. Thanks Annie, I miss rummaging in my old attic. My parents owned a 4 family house in the Bronx. The "basement" was our attic growing up. LOL!


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