Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Another Of My Movie Reviews

I didn't have a chance to see this film in the movies as it's hard for me to go to the theater anymore. After listening to my family who did go, tell me this movie was not to be missed. I bought the DVD and watched it last night and I was not disappointed. So here is another of my reviews of another movie.


The Greatest Showman:  Simply incredible! Don't believe what the critics say about this movie...It is magical. Hugh Jackman was made for this role and it shows how much fun he had playing Barnum  (Barnum never looked so good LOL!)  This is a musical and it delivers in every sense of the word. The songs and the cast singing them are all amazing. This movie grabs you in the way only a true musical can! you become invested in the characters from the first moment you meet each amazing individual. It's such a wonderful message with original music and spell binding choreography! And what's great is the whole family can enjoy it as it's rated PG. Remember this is a MOVIE not an biography of PT Barnum. It takes you away for two hours into a colorful and wonderful world, away from your everyday life. Kind of like the real circus used to. As the story progresses and you meet and understand the characters, it no longer becomes a circus musical but more about family--real and created. It's about following your dream--sometimes too far. And how everyone deserves to be loved and has a place in this world. Lots of wonderful messages that society today needs. This is one worth seeing and I can't say enough about this movie.

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  1. Hi Toni, I agree with all you said. I loved the movie as did my family. Especially my grand daughter. I got the DVD and we watched it this weekend more than once. I love musicals!

  2. I haven't seen it yet, its on my list though, smiles.

  3. Yup, it was great. I enjoyed it on the big screen. Thought it was great.

  4. Thank you for this review. I may just have to check that out. Sounds like a good movie. Thank you!!


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