Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Fork In The Road

Here's this week's Toni's Creative Adventures. I enjoy doing this meme once a week. It's always fun seeing how a story adventure can be created with just 4 fill in the blanks questions.

The Fork In The Road

1.   While driving down a country road you come to a fork in the road. Being there are no signs for either road you decide to take the road on the - right. No special reason It just seemed like the one to take.

2.   You notice as you're driving along this road you see in the distance ahead - what looked like someone or something lying across the road.

3.   Stopping the car you wonder if you should get out and walk over to - the place where the lump in the road is. Being a little nervous you take your cellphone with you leaving the car running and the lights on. You decide to walk very slow as not to make any noise to disturb whatever it is lying on the ground. As you get closer and your heart is pounding fast you notice whatever it is, isn't moving. You finally reach the place and to your surprise the lump in the road is nothing but a dropped dead end sign. You nerviously start laughing and thanking the Lord it was nothing but a sign and not a body. You pick up the sign and fix it so it wouldn't fall again and smile at your vivid imagination thinking it was a dead person or animal.

4.   As you walk back to your car you can't help thinking that today turned out to be a - real surprising adventure. Turning the car around and going back to the fork in the road, you think to yourself, "In a way I'm glad I took the wrong road so I was able to fix the sign for others who might decide to take the road on the right." And peacefully drive happily on your way.


Go to the Toni's Creative Adventures blog to copy the meme questions by clicking on the graphic

I hope you join in and play along too. In the meantime dear friends have a blessed day ahead.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Foto Friends ~ Winter Here

Thought I would re-post winter photos from my surrounding areas from last year for you to look at as there isn't anything special going on right now with me. Hope you enjoy looking at them.

Ice Storm photo I took from my old apartment window in Philmont, NY

Skiing on Hunter Mountain in the Catskills  (No not me LOL!).

Part of Main Street in Hudson NY


I love looking at Winter scenes even thought I'm not a lover of the season or the snow and ice. As a child I loved it especially growing up in New York City, but as a grown up like a Bear I hibernate in the winter. LOL!! Until next time have a day of blessings my friends.