Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Cafe Diner

Here's this week's Toni's Creative Adventures. Go to the Toni's Creative Adventures blog to copy the meme questions by clicking on the graphic below my answers to the meme. I enjoy doing this meme once a week. It's always fun seeing how a story adventure can be created with just 4 fill in the blanks questions.

The Cafe Diner

1.   While driving most of the night I spotted a cafe diner sign up ahead and decided to stop. From the outside it reminded me of an old-fashioned bullet trailer diner. Hungry and thirsty I parked the car, walked up the 2 steps to the door and opened it to find - a scene that could have come out of the early 1940's with Glenn Miller's band playing "In The Mood" through an old jukebox in the corner.

2.   Not sure of what to expect I decided to sit at a booth across from the counter anyway and to my surprise - I found I was the only one dressed in modern clothes. The men were dressed in WWII military uniforms and the women all looked like versions of Betty Grable with 40's hairstyles and dresses. Even their makeup came from the 40's with bright red lipstick and nail polish. It was like watching an old black and white movie.

3.   One of the waitresses spotted me sitting in the booth mesmerized and - came over smiling and noticed I was almost in shock. She too was dressed in a waitress' uniform that you would never see in today's world.

4.   Sitting down beside me she said - "Hope we didn't scare you too much and thinking you might have went back in time, but you accidently stepped onto our movie set. We are filming a movie here. Letting out a deep breath we both laughed and I was given a cup of coffee and a donut. As I walked out the door thanking them, the cast and crew all waved goodbye. Walking to my car I thought to myself, "That's one movie I won't miss!".

I hope you join in and play along too. In the meantime dear friends have a blessed day ahead.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Photo Friends ~ Remembering Autumn

This year the Autumn colors here in my area due to the crazy warm weather and cooler weather plus now back to warmer weather again have made it not one of the best for colors. the trees are still green or brown and some are bare. A truly disappointing Fall color season. So, I thought I would post some of my past Autumn photos I've taken from the past around this same week.

My Old Apartment Complex This Time Of Year

On An Old Road Trip To Vermont


If you're interested in joining the Friday Foto Friends you can visit Debbie by clicking on her name. It's a wonderful group of ladies that participates. Until next time dear friends have a lovely and blessed weekend.